Arber International Academy 

Arber International offers comprehensive training programs that encompass the protection of proprietary information, liability exposure, safety, communications, public relations and many other pertinent issues. Arber firmly believes that quality of our services is directly attributed to the continued professional development of our Officers. We stand ready to provide a solid foundation to Security Officer Education by providing training of the fundamentals of Security and advanced training programs. The current training offered by Arber International:

Level II Non-Commissioned Officer Training;

The objectives of this course are established in eleven parts; basic roles and responsibilities.

The techniques used for maintaining a good working relationship with law enforcement agencies. Contrast fact and opinion in report writing. Define the security officer's authority. Define proper inspection techniques. The officers will learn the definition of terms; arrest, criminal liability and civil liability. The role and responsibilities of the Non-Commissioned Officer while standing a post. Identify offenses, when to arrest and the Officer responsibilities.

Level III Commissioned Officer Training;;

Provide continuing education and training for professional Security Officers who may encounter a multitude of high risk situations while in the performance of their duties. This course of instruction is a continuation of the Levell! course with the added sections for use of force, defensive tactics, and weapons certification course to become certified as a Commissioned Security Officer.

Level IV Guard Training;

The training of a Protections Officer entails many aspects of the person or persons being protected. This level 4 training demonstrates the seven principles of Protection:

Stay with the principal, continually scan the environment, assume nothing, question everything; always have a plan, protect a firm positive professional and ethical presence; protect yourself first and maintain a yellow state of awareness. 

Weapons Certification - Recertification

This course is used as a refresher to re-instill the fundamentals of weapon safety. This course of instruction also serves as a method to improve the Officer's skill in using their weapon. Arber International will accept the obligation to train all officers in safe, effective and timely use of firearms and tactics, along with the legal, moral and ethical issues, which are so important to proper Officer Development.